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Online Hypnotherapy

As a society we continue to expand the range of services we access online…shopping, booking holidays, banking, taxing our cars, renewing prescriptions etc. We are becoming more accustomed to expect that the services we use will be available for us to access in our own homes and at times that are convenient for us. And, increasingly, people are using Zoom, Facetime, Skype etc to keep in touch with friends and family. So it’s a natural progression that we should be able to access therapeutic services in the same way.

Undertaking most therapeutic work can be done just as effectively and safely online as by traditional face to face approaches. There may still be times, for example with more complex issues, or where clients may simply not have access to the right equipment that face to face appointments are more appropriate. If you are unsure, or need advice, please get in touch.

There are a few simple guidelines we can follow to ensure we get the best out of our online time together.


First and foremost a reliable and speedy broadband connection is essential to ensure that the audio and video quality is good and that we don’t experience ‘drop outs’ during the session.

Whilst it is feasible to use a smartphone for consultations, clients tend to find it more comfortable to use a tablet, laptop or desktop PC, as these devices tend to have larger screens and louder speakers.

I prefer to use the Zoom app for appointments, but we can just as easily use Skype or Facetime…I am happy to work with whatever you are comfortable using.

Your device should have speakers (usually built-in) and a microphone, again this is usually built-in on most devices. Some people prefer to use headphones or earbuds and you can also use an integrated headset which has the microphone built-in. The main thing is that you can hear me clearly and that I can hear you clearly.

We always carry out a test at the beginning of the session to make sure everything is working ok.


The clinic environment is designed to support therapeutic work and there are things that you can do to replicate this at home.

Probably the most important thing is to ensure that you won’t be disturbed or distracted for the duration of the session (usually 1 hour). So select a time for your appointment when this is easier to achieve. If other people are in the house let them know what you will be doing so that they can respect the time you are spending.

Turn off any distractions, such as TVs, notifications on your phone, put phones onto silent mode etc. If you prefer to have discreet background musing playing quietly that’s absolutely fine. Close any windows if you find outdoor noise or voices distracting.

For hypnosis it’s helpful to have a comfortable chair, recliner, or sofa to relax on. It’s ok to use a bed too, providing you can prop yourself up a little…the idea is to be relaxed without actually going to sleep!

Booking & Payment

Please contact me by email or telephone with your initial enquiry and if you want to make an appointment. I try to keep weekends free, but other than that I can be pretty flexible on the timing of appointments.

Once we have committed to an appointment I will email a registration/consent form for completion and payment details…I accept Bank Transfer or PayPal. Payment can be made on the day of the appointment.


Please let me know in advance if you cannot make an appointment or if you need to reschedule, then we can offer a time slot to another client.

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