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Stop Smoking In Stoptober

Stop Smoking Assistance In Stoptober

Yes folks it’s Stoptober…the time of the year when we can focus our attention on those old habits that we keep promising ourselves to change…but never seem to get around to! Stoptober provides a fantastic opportunity to take stock and think about those habits a little more closely.

Stop Smoking in Stoptober
Stoptober – Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy

It might be that you want to stop smoking or get your drinking under control…or perhaps it’s gambling or pornography. Whatever it is, it can be helpful just to take the time to ask yourself some key questions:

  • How long has this habit been in my life?
  • If I don’t do anything about it now how long will it continue?
  • What are the good things about it…what will I miss if I stop?
  • What are the unhelpful things about it…what will I gain from dropping the habit?
  • What could I do instead?
  • Who else is affected by my habit…how will their lives be different if I stop?
  • What sort of person am I with this habit?
  • Who will I be without it?
  • What do I want to do about it?

By going through these questions and looking at your answers calmly and logically you will uncover the motivations behind your behaviour, the impacts of the habit on your life and on those around you. Only then will you be able to make your mind up what you are going to do about it.

When you are ready to commit to making a change the first thing to do is to talk to people about it. Tell your friends or your family about your concerns and what you plan to do about it…gain their support and get them involved in helping you. If necessary, seek professional help and advice or speak to others who have done something similar. Check out the blogs and forums for your particular habit…there’s a lot of good advice out there. Make a plan of action…and set it in motion.

Finally, make a genuine commitment to yourself to really go for it…and congratulate yourself on taking those important first steps.

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