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Mindfulness Diet

In this article on the Mindfulness Diet it is really encouraging to see how the mainstream media is acknowledging that the real way to lasting weight loss is through transforming our relationship with food. More specifically by addressing the way we shop, prepare and eat food we nourish our bodies and our minds so much more effectively. Instead of giving in to our usual impulses we earn to manage our appetites by paying more attention to our food choices and to our eating.

There are some really useful tips in the Daily Mail article below. When encouraging people to eat more mindfully the things that I have found to be most effective are:

When eating…just eat…get away from the tv, mobile phone, computer etc. and simply sit down and focus on eating your meal. This one simple change can also dramatically enhance your family life when you sit down and eat together.

Eat more slowly and chew your food more thoroughly. This lets your mind know much more quickly that you’ve had enough to eat. Remember that good digestion starts in the mouth through chewing your food thoroughly to get the digestive juices working.

Plan your food shopping in advance and then do it on a full stomach. If you shop when you are hungry you are much more likely to shop impulsively and buy foods that will satisfy your hunger now…these are rarely healthy food choices. So make a shopping list and go shopping after your meal.

Enjoy what you eat! By choosing your food carefully and by eating it more slowly you will you will savour it so much more and you will feel satisfied more quickly.

This really is the natural way to lose weight and to keep it off.







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