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E-Cigarettes in the news

E-Cigarettes have been around a while now and have gradually been gaining favour with people wanting to protect themselves from the harmful health issues associated with smoking cigarettes.

Until recently, they have also been exempt from the smoking ban. However, the tide of public opinion appears to be starting to turn against ‘vaping’, as it is known, with the threat of a ban on smoking E-Cigarettes in public places being considered in Wales.

Public health officials are becoming increasingly concerned that E-Cigarettes, just like their tobacco-based counterparts, encourage nicotine addiction and dependency.

New research in the US seems to confirm this view and also raises questions about other potential side-effects associated with E-Cigarettes.

The only sure way to protect yourself from the harmful effects of nicotine is to bite the bullet and make the commitment to stop!

For more information on the health concerns associated with E-Cigarettes check out the following links:




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